The Underexposed Art


Tanya Wadhawan, Staff Writer

Shoot the sibling. Frame the parents. It will be over in a flash.

No, Sea Kings I am not suggesting murder. With summer rolling around why not try something new like film or photography?

You may have heard of PV High’s award winning broadcast journalism show Live From 205, but that is not the only video program on campus.  In addition to 205, Mr. Vela also teaches Video Productions levels I, II, III, and IV. Level one starts out with the basics of screen plays, how to shoot with a variety of cameras and equipment, and basic editing software.  After learning the basics, students can enhance their understanding of the art through screenwriting and editing practice, as well the analysis, production, and presentation from a variety of theoretical, philosophical, and historical perspectives. Mr. Vela believes that learning the technology is not enough, “I like to teach my students how to use that technology to solve problems, answer questions, present ideas and to tell stories.”

Current senior Bella Centofante took Video Production her freshman year and she remembers, “I originally got put in Video Productions on accident and the class I wanted was full so I decided to give it a try. It was really hard at first but I’m glad that I learned filming and editing. We learned how to make commercials and music videos and that was super fun.” Doing group projects with these skills under her belt is now a cinch. Cameron Coulter who is currently in his second year of this class reflects, “It has been both a very challenging and rewarding elective. It involves a lot of work to come up with a good idea, then produce and edit it. The class has taught me a huge amount about the creative process and art of films, as well as an enormous amount of technical skills behind the scenes.” Though this class can seem intimidating, learning and finally seeing your work put together will be worth it.

Recently April 24 to 27th a few students from this class were lucky enough to go to the National Film Festival for Talented Youth (NFFTY), in Seattle, Washington. Representing 15 countries and over 200 films, the non-profit organization NFFTY serves to showcase young filmmakers and to encourage these young artists. This year one of PV High’s own, Senior Lindsay Sunada was showcased in this prestigious event. Sunada claims, “It was one of the best weekends of my life, possibly better than Coachella! I was so inspired by all the films we screened, and it was amazing getting to ask the directors questions about their work in person”.

Another attendant on this trip was Video Production 4 Senior Sean Siouty. Siouty has gone to this festival three years in a row, and absolutely loves it.  He states, “It is really cool learning certain techniques from Mr. Vela in class and then going to the festival and seeing these same techniques in use and their effects on the overall film… it’s so inspiring”. By watching the films and videos of other teenage kids, PV high film students learn so much more than if merely taught by the teacher. Getting to experience an event like this firsthand is an integral part of film and learning how to put all the techniques learned together. Sean laughs, “Though this class is a lot of work, it doesn’t feel like it at times… I have so much fun filming and laugh so much that I even get an ab workout!”


Current Sea Kings in Video Production love the class, and everything that comes with it.  In addition to learning some important skills of how to film and edit videos, they the opportunities to express themselves creatively, and explore their storytelling talents.
So hurry to the counseling office and give Video Productions a shot!