Dealing with College Rejections

Rachel Paik, Centerspread Editor

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College rejection instills a different sort of anxiety in teenagers: a sadness because we don’t know how our future will turn out. School may teach you that the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell and how to cram three weeks of studying into one night, but school doesn’t teach you how to overcome life-changing hindrances. While only time can heal a broken heart… here are some tips for coping:

  1. Cry a little bit. You should really use a box a tissues… but only half, save the rest for another day.
  2. Scream into your pillow. This one is self-explanatory.
  3. Retail therapy. New wardrobe, who dis?
  4. Workout. Burn some calories and sadness. You won’t even be able to differentiate between your tears and sweat. Are you crying because you’re upset or because your workout is hard?
  5. Find new goals. Distract yourself by finding new things to give your attention to.
  6. Take a long shower. Wash away your grime and misery.
  7. Sleep… Just because one of your dreams was crushed doesn’t mean you won’t have any more.
  8. Try something new: yoga, painting, horseback riding, cooking-literally anything challenging enough that will require all your attention for the time being.
  9. Laugh. Spend time with people you love and surround yourself with good energy.
  10. Forget it even happened and move on. Remember: there are 5300 colleges in this country alone; you’ll end up at one of them. 

This isn’t failure, just a minor setback. You can learn a lot about yourself from your rejection. Take this time to re-evaluate your options and move on. You may not end up at the one school you wanted to go to, but you will be okay. You’re welcome.

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