Worst Gift Ideas

Alysia Del Campo

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Gifts, they are what most everyone looks forward to come Holiday season. What will be waiting under the tree? Will you finally get the shoes you’ve been waiting for all year? Will Grandma give you yet another sweater (made with love of course!)? We all have our expectations, but some people just do not seem to understand the holiday gift giving spirit. To help you avoid being one of those people we have compiled a list of the worst holiday gifts to steer clear of this holiday season.


Used Items

Something that has already been opened and used, “Jeez I guess i’m not that special!” As much as we love your used pens, and candy wrappers, we really don’t. This one lacks effort, and compassion. Why even bother giving a gift if this is all you’re going to do?


A Tissue Box

To wipe those tears away because all you got was a tissue box. So far this is the only gift which has been of any use, and that’s just sad.


A Break-Up,

The tissue box comes in handy for this too. This one is just cruel, now everything I get will probably remind me of him or her!



“So, it’s like that?!” I guess, honestly it’s better than most things on this list.


The same thing you got the year before from the same person,

You get an A for effort! I wonder what I will get next year…


A toothbrush

What are you trying to say? The least you could do is throw some toothpaste, floss, and mouthwash in there too!


A flip phone

Looks like we are going back to the fossil days! At least it’s retro, maybe it will get me some street cred. Who am I kidding, I guess it will just have to be a paperweight.



Teachers who give homework over break are the first ones on my naughty list. My wish list is for Santa to do my homework. Or for a puppy who will eat it for me.


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