Passengers Movie Summary

Amanda Houtz, Writer

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     The new movie Passengers made its debut on December 21, and details the out of the ordinary romance between two people, Jim Preston (Chris Pratt) and Aurora Lane (Jennifer Lawrence).


     Preston and Lane both embarked on a 120-year journey to a new planet called Homestead II on a ship named the Avalon, during which they would be put in a comatose state. The ship was built so the passengers would wake up with 4 months until their arrival, in order to enjoy the ship’s amenities. However, an unexpected malfunction on the ship causes Preston to wake up 90 years too soon, leaving him alone and confused.


     Preston, after suffering a year of loneliness, decides to wake up another passenger, Aurora Lane. Although they had never met, Jim fell in love with Aurora by the information he accessed from her sleeping pod. Aurora was a writer from New York, looking to stay on the new planet for one year and then return to Earth, a feat never before completed and written about. Jim becomes infatuated with her and makes the selfish decision to wake her up. This, in essence, would ruin her life, seeing as she would spend the rest of her existence on a lonely ship with one person, a person she did not know.


     At first, Preston doesn’t tell her what he did, intimating that the whole debacle was an accident, and the two fall in love and begin to accept their fate. However, this ignorant bliss is spoiled when the robotic bartender, Arthur, tells her what Preston did.


     Lane, obviously infuriated, refuses to speak to Preston and spends time in isolation. Soon after, another malfunction wakes up an ailing captain of the ship, Gus Mancuso, whose time is limited due to a malfunction in his sleeping pod, causing his poor health. The three try to pinpoint the ship’s defect, but the captain dies before they can find it, leaving Preston and Lane alone once again.


     The two of them, realizing they still love each other, reunite before Preston embarks on a dangerous journey to repair the ship. He does so, and the two of them are once again safe.
     Preston discovers and reveals to Lane a sleeping pod in the health center that would put one of them back to sleep, but Lane refuses to accept the offer. This selfless act redeems Preston’s character and removes any animosity between the lovers, seeing as his action is no longer irreparable. The two of them live out their days on the ship, planting trees and such, and making a happy life. This movie is a great movie with an interesting plot and I recommend going to see it before it leaves the theaters!

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