Bachelor Recap – Premier Episode

Amanda Houtz, Writer

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     Last night ABC’s hit show “The Bachelor” returned, this time starring Nick Viall, a three-time star on Bachelor affiliated programs.

     The first few minutes of the episode showed a little about the newest Bachelor, letting the viewers know that he is a dedicated family man. It was heartwarming to see him interact with them, especially his youngest sister whom he calls “sweetheart”.

     The new contestants proved to be quite interesting, and many of them definitely made an impression. The third girl to walk out of the limo, Rachel, is a lawyer living in Texas. Rachel, later in the night, received the highly sought after the first impression rose. Another contestant, Ida Marie, came with a unique entrance, trust-falling into Viall’s arms. These methods, however, were unable to win Viall’s heart, and she was sent home at the rose ceremony later in the evening.

     Olivia from Alaska gave Viall an “Eskimo kiss” and Jasmine G. pulled out all of the stops, bringing Neil Lane and showing Viall her favorite rings (perhaps a bit prematurely). Sarah entered by “running up” to Viall, but ended the insult by saying that “you [Viall] are by no means a runner up to me”.

     The drama began to unfold as Liz, a woman who had spent time with Viall at the wedding of Bachelor in Paradise 2 couple Jade Roper and Tanner Tolbert 9 months prior, stepped out of the limo.

    Other attention-grabbing entrances included Susannah giving Viall a “beard massage”, and Josephine forcing Viall to eat a raw hotdog lady in the tramp style. My favorite entrance, however, was Alexis, a girl who wore a shark suit the entire night, but insisted she was a dolphin.

     Nonetheless, it would not be the Bachelor without a bit of drama, which is where Corinne comes in. Corinne was the first one to ask if she can “steal him”, a classic Bachelor move that did not leave Vanessa, the woman Viall was speaking to, too happy. The purpose of this move was so Corinne could be the first one to kiss the new Bachelor, a move that seemed to put a target on her back.

     At the rose ceremony, Viall had to say goodbye to several women, not including Corrinne or Liz, meaning that this season is sure to be dramatic as always.

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