Upcoming Art Exhibits

Marina DuVernet, Photographer

If you’re an art enthusiast like me and have some time on your hands, then you’re in luck. I’ve handpicked a collection of the best local art exhibits for you to visit. The artists featured in these eclectic exhibits use different mediums and have diverse perspectives on the art they create. On this list, there is something for everyone to see, and some pieces will hopefully give you the inspiration they give me to create my own forms of art as well. Whether it’s a 15 minute drive down to the Palos Verdes Art Center or a bit longer drive to downtown Los Angeles, you won’t regret visiting.


Palos Verdes Art Center:

Michael Flechtner: This Is Not A Sign

Sept. 10 – Dec. 31

This amazing exhibition of the neon art created by Los Angeles based artist Michael Flechtner is definitely a must see. Flechtner uses neon to represent symbols and their effects on pop culture.


Mark V. Lord: L.A Noir

Sept. 10 – Dec. 31

This exhibit will feature the works of art from Mark V. Lord.  In this exhibit, Lord will feature his street photography, and focuses on storytelling through his images. In addition to being a photographer, Lord is a professional screenwriter. This is Lord’s first solo exhibition, so be sure to check it out.


The Getty Center:

Real/Ideal: Photography in France, 1847-1860

Aug. 30 – Nov. 27

This interesting exhibit will feature historical photography from the mid-19th century. These photographs show not only the world realistically in that time period, but the people’s ideals and thoughts. Artists focused on places, things, and people as subjects for their art form, and were definitely inspired by the other artists surrounding them at the time. This exhibit will feature art from four main photographers of this century: Édouard Baldus, Gustave Le Gray, Henri Le Secq, and Charles Nègre.

London Calling

Jul. 26 – Nov. 13

This exhibit highlights beautiful paintings that focus on landscape and human figure based off the late 20th century. London Calling features art by Francis Bacon, Lucian Freud, Leon Kossoff, Michael Andrews, Frank Auerbach, and R.B. Kitaj.



Toba Khedoori

Sept. 25 – Mar. 19th

Khedoori, an artist from Australia, works with paper and canvas. The use of detail and saturated colours creates stunning works of art. Her art is all done by hand and mixes negative space with different perspectives of objects. Khedoori’s art is simple yet precise and elegant. This exhibit is worth the drive to mid-city Los Angeles.


Guillermo del Toro: At Home With Monsters

Aug. 1 – Nov. 27

This exhibit features the collected works from creative and brilliant film maker Guillermo del Toro. This eclectic exhibition features paintings, drawings, artifacts, and film art which show ideas and perspectives of magic, death, horror, monsters, and the afterlife. It is organized thematically based on symbols and his ideas.



Magdalena Fernández

Oct. 3 – Jan. 3

This unique exhibit focuses more on graphic design, and Fernández seems to use all the space around her as her canvas. Her pieces feature movement, sound, and light to create a beautiful experience. This modern yet simplistic showing is not to be missed.


The Geffen Contemporary at MOCA

Doug Aitken: Electric Earth

Sept. 10 – Jan. 15

Electric Earth is a collection of modern art in forms such as video installations, sculptures, avant-garde, and photography. Aitken focuses on including large aspects of the modern, urban 21st century like music, cinema, technology, and industrialization.


The Broad

Cindy Sherman: Imitation of Life

Jun. 11 – Oct. 2

Sherman is known for creating art by using herself as the subject of her photographs, posing as female images and stereotypes that the media has created. Sherman works alone on her photography, and is the photographer as well as the woman in front of the camera. Sherman plays with a diverse amount of female figures and personas while altering the environment in the photos as well. Her works are not only powerful but question ideas of equality, feminism, and contemporary image.