Trends We’re Falling For

Ashlyn Ivaska

Here at PV we never have a traditional “fall season.” With temperatures in October reaching 100 degrees, it can be hard to wear your favorite pair of boots or your coziest sweater. But with so many obstacles in your way, we thought it may be nice to take your traditional fall pieces and make them Southern California friendly. Here are a few of our favorites!

Boots have always been a staple in fashion, but in 2015 why not shake things up a bit? One trend this season has been the chic ankle boots, a.k.a booties. These pair of shoes are welcomed in any color, but usually come in black or brown. Brooke Lefton, a previous buyer for Ross, disclosed that, “ankle booties are really in, especially with a big buckle or zipper.” Booties tend to look best with skinny jeans or dresses. You’ll for sure get a kick out of these booties!

High-Waisted Jeans
Recently, high-waisted jeans have been extremely popular in fashion. Nowadays, you can’t go through an entire day of school and not spot someone wearing a pair of these trendsetters. High-waisted jeans can be paired with a great deal of different options, including turtlenecks, booties, and plaid! High-waisted jeans can also be flares. Junior Elaine Dai noted that she wears, “high waisted jeans with a crop top and sweater.” Since it’ll be a bit cooler out, long sleeved crop tops would make a great match, tying in a combination of summer and fall. It’s clear to see that high-waisted jeans are high on the list of fall fashion trends.

Lately, plaid has been making a major comeback. Whether it is in Forever 21 or Urban Outfitters, plaid can be found almost anywhere and in all different colors. Whether the print is placed on a skirt or on a shirt, plaid can come in all sorts of colors. Lefton noted that, “one of the larger and more prominent plaids is buffalo.” Buffalo is known as the simple red and black print. It can work on most clothing, but it tends to show up more on shirts or flannels. It tends to work best with a solid color to help sustain a balanced look. Plaid is the fad you won’t want to miss this season!

Flares Pants
The 70s look is back! Lately, people have been wearing outfits that channel That 70s Show, and with that, they have been wearing flares. Lefton explained that flares are, “a harder fit for everyone, but when that one pair is found, it’s very flattering.” Flares pants can come as low-waisted or high-waisted, denim or knit material, and all different colors. Flares tend to look most flattering with heels, to help give the illusion of longer legs. And for up top? Well, flares pair well with sweaters, no matter the color. It seems to be the more popular the show, the more popular the trend!
As leaves drop from trees, so does the temperature! With the weather cooling down, turtlenecks are coming back strong. Turtlenecks offer style, warmth, and comfort all in one. Although autumn does bring along chillier weather, California doesn’t get that cold. Traditionally, turtlenecks come as a long-sleeve shirts, but recently turtlenecks are coming with the California-friendly style of a muscle tank. Junior Shirleen Ahn mentioned that she thought turtlenecks are “really cute for fall,” while senior Michelle Faitelson expressed that she would, “pair them with a necklace not too big, and then I’d wear long earrings and jeans.” As Michelle noted, turtlenecks style well with jeans (cough cough, flares anyone?) and look great with a dainty necklace. Don’t close the door on the turtleneck, that’s one trend that will never end.