Unforgettable Fashion

Rachel Paik, Centerspread Editor

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2018 has been a year for pushing the boundaries, having a sense of individuality, and being open to new experiences. The same goes for the fashion world. 

This year, the most noticed trend on the runway and in magazines were not the clothes themselves, but the amount of diversity and acceptance amongst the models.  

Street style has evolved from dull trends that were worn ad nauseum, to breaking the rules through individualism and creativity. 

This is all thanks to music, pop culture, and social media. 

Gender-neutral fashion was popularized this year with the reappearance of dad shoes, crossbody bags, and loud prints. 

The whole “ugly footwear” trend began with the introduction of the Balenciaga Triple S sneakers. 

Before this, shoes seemed so serious and always had to look sleek but dad shoes are the stark contrast of that. They are comfortable, interesting to look at, and they make people nostalgic. 

The revival of the crossbody bag was not just seen on women this year, but on men as well. 

Soundcloud rappers managed to hype up what is essentially a purse, and created a huge market for design houses and brands such as Goyard, Supreme, and Prada. 

Along with the rising fame of these brands’ pieces, comes the appeal of their name. This year, many people sported Louis Vuitton, Fendi, and Burberry monograms which hasn’t been seen in year since it has been deemed ‘tacky’ in the early 2000s.

This year has been a year of progression for fashion. Fashion is not only fun, but empowering for all individuals. 

It allows people to embody their personality without having to speak and it is the most obvious form of self-expression. 

In 2018, people gained awareness as to the power of dressing with every snap, zip, and fasten, paving the way for today’s zeitgeist. 

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