Falling for Fashion

Rachel Paik, Centerspread Editor

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Autumn calls for girls wearing knit sweaters with leggings and boys wearing their same old sweatshirt they have worn year-round, but now with full-length pants. It seems that at this point in the year, people already lose their personal sense of style to their lack of motivation and end up admitting defeat to days of cold mornings and the hot afternoons. Senior Maddie Padian, sticks to a specific style that she never strays from, regardless of the season.

“As a senior, I just don’t even care how I dress anymore. I’ll normally wear jeans and a cute top everyday,” Padian said.

Step into fall with some better options for shoes. Cloth sneakers are out, and leather sneakers are in. Stan Smiths and Air Force 1s are just more appropriate for fall as opposed to Vans and Converse. And ladies, combat boots are back in. Basically any boot that is mid-calf and below is in, but anything above screams “I don’t know what’s going on.”

When people think of “fall fashion,” they tend to think of neutral colors and earthy tones. Senior Isabella Hutcheson prefers fashion in fall over all other seasons.

“I like fall fashion because it’s easier to layer. I like coats and boots and the different fall colors,” Hutcheson said.

Primary colors are the better option when incorporating colors into an outfit because muted tones are dull.

And then there are just some of those days where getting dressed and picking an outfit seems impossible. For days like these, a full-on tracksuit

Isabella Hutcheson poses, dressed ready for fall. (Photo by Judy Yamaguchi)

is the best option. I’m dead serious. It screams “I’m effortlessly cool” and is the most comfortable, yet put together sweatpant you can opt for.

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Falling for Fashion