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The World of Creations: Digital Animation

Animations, comic books, and Friday movie days at school? Any Seaking can experience all of that in one art class: Digital Animation. With an “easy, relaxing environment,” Mrs. Jimenez teaches students how “to tell stories through pictures, to draw a story and to learn to put both drawing skills together with writing skills.” And the best part is that you don’t even need to be talented at drawing; all you need is the drive to learn about it.

Animation is completely based on organization and design, but it can be taken in many directions. Because it centralizes around organization and design, little talent regarding art is needed. In Digital Animation, students learn the basics of animation, and with each year, they learn how to continue refining their skills. Students can create anything that suits their interests, whether that is a comic, a film or a clip.

This is really a class for everyone. Jared Schwartz, a senior who has been interested in digital animation since a young age, actually draws his own animations, which are “incredibly difficult…to make convincing.” Although difficult, his hand-drawn products are definitely the most satisfying. Schwartz enjoys, “[being] creative and [throwing] ideas around” which he is allowed to do in digital animation. However, even if you aren’t an artist like, Schwartz, don’t be alarmed.

Senior Peter Kim has been interested in digital animation since the age of seven, but he wasn’t serious about it until he took Digital Animation as a freshman. He “wanted to go to the next level with [digital animation] to manipulate characters better.” This class inspired an interest in Kim, which slowly began to evolve into a career path. “I like manipulating it any way I want…you don’t have to be good at art, you just need to think of something in your head and make it,” Kim explains, “Digital Animation is a way for someone who isn’t necessarily the most talented artist to express himself[/herself] through art.”

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Because there is no need to be a prodigy artist for this class, it appeals to many students. “I’m not very good at art and I think Digital Animation sounds like a very interesting class,” sophomore Stephanie Hauschildt exclaims, “I think it would be fun, especially because I think I want to be an engineer.” This art class especially intrigues aspiring engineers, designers, and architects because the 3-D modeling and animation applies to these career paths.

Even people who aren’t interested in making a career out of it can still have fun. Sophomore Monica Merha exclaims, “I love animated movies and because I haven’t fulfilled my art credit yet, I am definitely interested in the class.” With this class you can learn how animations are created.

Mrs. Jimenez’s Digital Animation class has a great, easy-going environment where you are “able to be goofy.” She’s been teaching the class for about twelve years, and with her knowledge and expertise, anyone can develop the skills capable to begin a career in digital animation. This art class, along with animated movie Fridays, gives one an experience with art that not many people get.