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Mrs. Salgado Does it All: Teaching, Training, Parenting
Kelly Donahue, Features Editor • November 10, 2022

Only her second year on campus as a teacher, Marissa Salgado does it all. Many students are familiar with her, whether they have had...

Community to Elect Four New School Board Members
Ella Sherry, News/Online Editor • November 10, 2022

In early November of 2022, voters in Palos Verdes had the chance to elect new PVPUSD school board members. There were three open seats for a...

Typrowicz is Quick
Sophie Stoddart, Reporter • November 10, 2022

Senior Jake Typrowicz is a decorated cross country runner, leading his teammates to success in many races.  “Three of us ran the 400 meter...

This year’s Red Tide captains are Mafalda Corral, David Zavarella, Peter Kraemer, Alex Forman, Max Larkin, Tate Ballard, Bridget Gormley, and Jonah Jones. (Photo courtesy of Lily Bohannon)
The More, the Merrier
Sierra Namvari, Photography Editor • October 7, 2022

Mafalda Corral “I’ve been coming to the football games since sixth grade, with my friends on the left side of the bleachers. From the...

(Graphic by Sophie Sun)
The Plight of the Bookworm
Sophie Sun, Reporter • November 10, 2022

You stand in line, waiting for the movie adaptation premiere of your favorite book series that has taken five years to go into post-production. Stepping into the theater,...

Raising Awareness: The History of the Rising Sun Flag
Chloe Choi, Centerspread Editor • November 10, 2022

The Japanese imperial flag is widely known as a hate symbol throughout East and Southeast Asia. However, the American education system is extremely Eurocentric and doesn't...

(Graphic by Olivia Kao)
The Middle Child Myth
Olivia Kao, Reporter • November 10, 2022

Firstborns have it the hardest. Middle-child syndrome is real. The last child is always spoiled.  We’ve all heard these common phrases about sibling birth orders, but just...

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Pint-Sized Stories: Friendsgiving Dinner
Chloe Choi and Luka Ardon, Centerspread Editors • November 10, 2022

Growing Up, What Was Your Favorite TV Show?
Zara Deen, Reporter • November 10, 2022

Celebrating Veterans Day
Hailey Kim, Reporter • November 10, 2022

Veterans Day, formerly known as Armistice Day, is celebrated on the eleventh day of the eleventh month.  It’s an opportunity for people all over the United States to...

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UCLA to Open Classes on Former Marymount California Campuses
Amber Chen, Editor-in-Chief • November 10, 2022

To offer educational access to thousands more of its qualified applicants, UCLA has purchased two campuses formerly belonging to Marymount California...

(Graphic by Aidan Shen)
Fentanyl Concerns Arise in Local Areas
Aidan Shen, Reporter • November 10, 2022

The increase of fentanyl overdoses in Orange County and Los Angeles over the past few months has been widely discussed by faculty and members...

(Photo by Lucia Ruiz)
Red Ribbon Week Shines Light on the Dangers of Drug Use
Enna Hosoi, Reporter • November 10, 2022

“When I woke up in Torrance Memorial Urgent Care after overdosing in the Trader Joe’s bathroom, I never saw that coming. I thought it was...

NBA Season Now Underway
James Lew, Reporter • November 10, 2022

On Oct. 19, the NBA season officially began, sparking plenty of excitement from sports fans as the league has no obvious superior team as of now. Teams with high aspirations...

Boys water polo celebrates another win in the pool. (Photo courtesy of Emily Olson)
Another Swimmingly Successful Season for Boys Water Polo
Quinn Kearns, Social Media Editor • November 10, 2022

After becoming Bay League champions in last year’s Bay League Tournament, the boys water polo team start the season off strong. The team has continued to maintain their...

(Photo courtesy of Mark Thompson)
Girls Tennis Dominates Bay League
Chris Vasey, Reporter • November 10, 2022

The PV High Girls Tennis Team are officially Bay League Champions.  The team has had an amazing start to the season so far, losing only a few matches to Arcadia and Westlake...

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